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Current Features:

- 4 songs

 - Mouse controls

 - High contrast in colors

 - Two songs, one as a tutorial/warmup and another one for the competitions

 (Maybe more songs will be added overtime, i'll have to create an editor instead of doing everything by hand.)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRed Husky Studios
Tags2D, dodge, Music, Vector


Vectorized 1-5-6.zip 14 MB
Vectorized 1-5-3.zip 14 MB
Vectorized 1-0-1.zip (original) 32 MB

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Deleted 1 year ago

GameMaker: Studio 2   also thanks for playing!    

Reminds me a bit of UNDERTALE, awesome!


This needs to become a 'thing'! If you develop this further I will be so happy!


oh definely, I have a tendency to expand on my games I'm passionate about and this is one of them I'm going to expand upon!


This is just insane, love the music, the difficulty is high which I think is perfect for streamers who prefer hardcore gameplay, obviously if you had more time maybe add a difficulty for the normal chaps.

that was the idea and i had songs ready, but there's no real "editor" right now so it took super long to write all the timestamps. thanks for the feedback though!

love the visuals!