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The endless tower climber, now with way, WAY more features" · By Red Husky Studios


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EVERTOWER community events!
With the successful release of evertower on all three platforms (iOS, android and pc), we have decided to host some promotional events! Creativity Event: Ready...
EVERTOWER update 1.4.25 (new stuff)
EVERTOWER update 1.4.25 Semi-major content update: - Two new hand-crafted levels - One new custom boss at level 53 at the new island! - Fixed a bug where some "...
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EVERTOWER Update 1.4.24
Sizeable update and changes in 1.4.24 - Initial Rework of the UI and menu layour - Multiple fixes on some levels - Changes to crosshair system - Surface memory...
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EVERTOWER Hotfix 1.4.23
Small hotfixes! Platforms will now no longer attempt to push the player horizontally if the player is going agianst a wall. Weapons starting script has been upd...
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EVERTOWER Hotfix 1.4.22
Minor update, fixing a small bug where the game would find an .ini file that's not supposed to be in this versioning line and show an overlapping button...
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EVERTOWER Hotfix 1.4.21
While in the making of the new island and creating the new boss i have noticed a couple of annoying bugs i found. Pretty minor and the general line is: - energy...
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EVERTOWER now just free to play!
We have decided to push evertower back to a free-only release. As much as money is something we all need in our life i don't feel like it's right to block someo...
Small Post-Release hotfix on both version
Minor things that a player pointed out: - Remove Cloud synch GUI element - Remove (void) energy element - Where are the controls instructions and whatnot - Make...
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So the upwards momentum of a jump combined with the knockback of a vine,you can jump higher and faster.
started by Kev366 May 24, 2021
2 replies