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endless tower climber platformer with a grappling hook and a gun. · By Red Husky Studios


Recent updates

EVERTOWER community events!
With the successful release of evertower on all three platforms (iOS, android and pc), we have decided to host some promotional events! please not that these ev...
EVERTOWER split in a new pc line!
Massive event for us at lilcage! (i mean, me and my artist) We're officially pushing EVERTOWER back on pc as well! This game jam edition will be kept aside as i...
EVERTOWER is getting back-ported to pc again! (and more)
Due to the big request to back-port EVERTOWER back to pc i'm working hard on cross-platforming the systems and scripts to be able to compile any update/change f...
EVERTOWER now on mobile!
Well bloody me! this took me a long ass time. This time we are releasing on mobile ! We're currently releasing only on android until a later date, the release w...
Important Hotfix 1.5.3
Fixed a very drastic crash after the first meetup with ????? and the end of the conversation. Game use to crash after ????? spawns with an integer instead of a...
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Quick 1.5.2 hotfix and quicksave beta
Quick late minute update requested by themadspektre on discord. Possibility to exit from the shop by pressing E again or clicking on the door A temp-save to "ha...
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Evertower 1.5.1 Release!
The game has been udpates once more! Updates in 1.4.0: This time we have updates the grappling hook! - New grappling hook mechanics, now the grapple hook wil...
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1.3.0 Release
Post Game jam version 1.1.0 - Upgraded the hook to allow the player to "hang" off of walls - Reworked all collisions of the player with walls and solid objects...
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